Starr Gallery

“We are all keepers of our community and must leave it a better place for the next generation.”

Starr Demeyere, 2005

Not every community has a champion who is steadfast in their support and dedication to the arts. Norfolk County did, and it was Starr Demeyere. She was both a committed board member, and a tireless volunteer for Lynnwood Arts. Energetic, a forward-thinker, and a connector. She loved her community and all its possibilities.

In 2015, Starr and her husband Doug died in a tragic house fire and the community of Norfolk County mourned.

Lynnwood Arts wishes to celebrate this community champion who was steadfast in her support and dedication to the arts. Starr loved Lynnwood. In 2005, she wrote a letter to the Simcoe Reformer in support of Lynnwood Arts, and said:

“Our family has been a proud and constant supporter of Lynnwood. My children, Derek and Kristy were involved in many programs at Lynnwood when they were younger. It is my hope that my grandchildren will be able to follow in their footsteps.”

To honour one of Lynnwood Arts’ hardest working volunteers, we are establishing the Starr Gallery inside the main gallery room.

With rotating exhibitions, and a dedicated space for children’s programming and community events, it will be the hub of activity within the building.

The importance of leaving a legacy to someone within our community who gave so much of her time and her treasure, is the significance of this donation. It will honour a person that had a vision for her community to be filled with the appreciation and celebration of art – a person who went above and beyond so that future generations would benefit.

Starr was a great friend and patron of the arts in Norfolk. I deeply miss her and her efforts for Lynnwood Arts. I’m so pleased she is being recognized with the effort and naming of the Starr Gallery.

~ Mike Fredericks

Your Donation In Action

A portion of the funds raised will be provided to Lynnwood Arts as seed funding for activities within the Starr Gallery. Additional funds will be endowed with the Norfolk Community Foundation to create a capital base and the yield will support programming within the Starr Gallery.

Please consider a gift at any level. Here is how your donation can assist Lynnwood and provide significant charitable tax credits for you:

Federal Tax Credit:          $4,322Federal Tax Credit:          $2,872Federal Tax Credit:          $1,422
Provincial Tax Credit:      $1,662Provincial Tax Credit:      $1,103Provincial Tax Credit:      $   545
Combined Tax Credit:     $5,984Combined Tax Credit:     $3,975Combined Tax Credit:     $1,967
Cost to Donor:                 $9,016Cost to Donor:                 $6,024Cost to Donor:                 $3,032

Consider supporting through a gift of stocks or securities and eliminate the capital gains tax. Gifts can be pledged over several years. Connect with Kim at to make your gift at a level that works best for you.

Join us and let’s continue Starr’s legacy. It’s time for us all to celebrate the arts.

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