Programming Committee (pdf)

About Lynnwood

Lynnwood will serve as a dynamic gathering place where community and creativity are celebrated. To best serve the needs of our community, our team is committed to community consultations for future program and exhibit development.

We believe the Arts contribute significantly to the building of community character. Lynnwood Arts will complement other activities that the community engage in for mental health, leisure, and well-being.

About the Programming Committee

We ask for your commitment of 3-5 hours (virtually or in-person) throughout the calendar year to share ideas about possible activities and exhibitions to host at Lynnwood Arts. Committee members will represent the interests of the broader community of Norfolk and surrounding rural centres.

The purpose of the programming committee is to:

  • Provide input on the development of creative workshops, for all ages, in the following areas: visual arts, pottery (hand-building), theatre, media arts, fashion, creative writing, craft, and music.
  • Provide input on the development of art and object exhibitions, and special events.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Support Lynnwood Art’s organizational mission, mandate, and goals.
  • Have a vested interest in the arts and creative programming in Norfolk County.
  • Want to have a positive impact on children, youth, and adults in our community.
  • Have some experience in and/or knowledge of arts-based programming.
  • Be open to exploring new ideas and contributing within collaborative environment.

Please reply with your interest to participate to:

Samantha Purvis-Johnston
Curator, Lynnwood Arts Centre

Please help us make Lynnwood Arts a vibrant part of our community!

Programming Committee (pdf)