Open Season

Open Season: a period when restrictions are lifted. An occasion today that means opening doors, gathering with loved ones, and returning to the old practice of seeking new experiences.

Are we excited? Are we anxious?

In this inaugural exhibit, we showcase symbols of Lynnwood’s past and invite you to be a part of what’s next.

In different ways, these works represent the evolution of this gathering place called Lynnwood Arts. Founding names are recognized as pillars of our creative community. Iconic works will energize our rediscovery of a varied art collection, and scenes of everyday life evoke a sense of nostalgia that animates our memories.

The Arts have, and will continue, to shape the way in which we understand this collective experience. Lynnwood is calling “Open Season” on the status quo. Join us and be a part of Lynnwood’s next chapter of inclusion, discovery, and innovation.

Exhibiting Artists:
Gary Blundell
Alex Colville
Michael Flisak
Ellen McIntosh-Green
Ron Milton

Robert Roussil Helen Straith Miyuki Tanbe Fernand Toupin Robert Williams

Created by Samantha Purvis-Johnston

Open Season